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Rural Group



  • Kenny Lean, South Lanarkshire Council

Deputy Chairperson(s)

  • Stuart Allison, Orkney Islands Council
  • Jamie Baker, East Lothian Council

The Rural Group will consider key strategic issues and provide a collective voice in response to the current/future Scottish rural policy and funding agenda. It is recognised that local rural operational issues will differ for local authorities depending on the level of rurality within that council area.

The Rural Group meets quarterly. The four meetings proposed for 2024 are as outlined below and will be held via Teams unless agreed otherwise.

  • February 2024

Proposed agenda items:

  1. CLLD
  • May 2024

Proposed agenda items:

  1. Windfarms
  2. Community benefits
  • August 2024

Proposed agenda items:

  1. Tourism

  • November 2024

Proposed agenda items:

  1. UKSPF