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SLAED Indicators Framework

SLAED Indicators Framework

We publish an annual report under the SLAED Indicators Framework - a series of performance measures relating to our members' work in supporting local economic development.

The report sets out a range of data and information which is primarily based on returns submitted by the 32 Local Authorities. The purpose of the SLAED Indicators Framework is to assist Local Authorities to:

  • evidence and publicise the contribution that they make to Scotland’s economy through their economic development activities
  • provide a basis for collating consistent data which can be used to better understand impact
  • identify potential areas for improvement

Some of the headline findings of the 2019-20 framework report are below. You can also download a copy of the full report - SLAED Indicators Framework Report  2019-20. Copies of reports from earlier years are in the Publications section.