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SLAED Executive

SLAED Executive

ChairpersonIshabel Bremner (Argyll and Bute Council)
Deputy  Chairperson(s)Pamela Stevenson (Fife Council)
Rory Young (Dundee Council)
Member  Without  PortfolioSharon Thomson (Glasgow City Council)
People Group Chair

Ruth Cooper (Renfrewshire Council)

Business Group - Co Chair ApproachAllan Conry (North Lanarkshire Council)
Graham Smith (Glasgow City Council)
EU Funding Group ChairMalcolm Leitch (Glasgow City Council)
Performance Group ChairGary Hughes, (Aberdeenshire Council)
Rural Group ChairJuliette Cooke, (Dumfries & Galloway Council)
Tourism Group ChairTracey Martin (Falkirk Council)

The Executive is a decision-making body, setting and approving SLAED’s policy position on most issues in line with its Mission Statement and Objectives, and giving direction to strategic and thematic groups in respect of SLAED business and operations.

The Executive also has oversight of organisational and governance issues across SLAED.

  • Coordinate and review strategic and thematic group remits and work programmes (on a rolling basis); advise and direct groups as appropriate to maintain consistency in approaches across SLAED as a whole.
  • Take regular feedback from strategic and thematic groups on their operation and business; including outcomes on topical issues and policy approaches agreed.  Advise and direct groups as appropriate.
  • Annual SLAED Conference: the Executive will set the theme and conference programme, in consultation with others as appropriate, and instruct those appointed to make the necessary arrangements for effective running of a topical, relevant and informative annual conference.
  • General group meetings: in addition to annual conference, the Executive will arrange and host at least 2 other meetings during the year, one of which will coincide with the SLAED AGM
  • Develop position statement advisory notes for appropriate briefings to government, ministers, SOLACE & COSLA
  • Protocol for SOLACE/COSLA briefings

Notes from recent SLAED Executive meetings.