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Funding Group



  • Diane Milne, Dundee City Council
  • Louise Kirk, North Ayrshire Council
  • Sharon Douglas, Fife Council

      To discuss a range of funding issues/opportunities that local authorities face, with a focus on key strategic funding sources such as UK Government, Scottish Government and Lottery funding. This could include:

      • UK Government Funding: UK Shared Prosperity Fund; Levelling Up Fund; Community Ownership Fund.
      • Scottish Government Funding: RCGF, VDLIP, Place Based Investment Programme.
      • Other key strategic funds: focus on key funds (not every trust and foundation) such as National Lottery Communities Fund.
      • Relationship with Funders: Engage with funders to discuss operational issues related to key funds; provide responses to consultations that impact on future funding; lobby funders in relation to future funding programmes; share intelligence with funders and about funders.
      • Support Policy Making: engage with funders to support thinking around policy making.
      • Exchange of Best Practice/Peer-to-Peer learning: provide opportunities to engage on key topics of mutual interest – topic approach to meetings.
      • SLAED Queries: act as a focus for queries related to funding from the SLAED Executive or directed to the SLAED Executive.
      • SLAED Subsidy Control Legacy Schemes: act as a focus for queries related to the current SLAED Subsidy Control Legacy Schemes.

      To be updated.