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'Prepare for Brexit' Campaign.


‘Prepare for Brexit’ is a multi-agency campaign that aims to create a sense of urgency around Brexit, raising awareness among businesses and translating that awareness into action.


It will inform companies on a wide range of potential Brexit impacts including business planning, workforce and skills, supply chains and finance/legal/regulatory, and will encourage them to proactively prepare for Brexit’s risks and opportunities.


Support currently consists of an online toolkit of articles, expert advice and (as appropriate) access to financial support.


From November 1st (phase 2) this support will be bolstered by the addition of an online Brexit diagnostic tool which will help businesses identify their key issues before directing them to relevant support.


The support on offer will primarily be existing support, and will be available to any company anywhere in Scotland, regardless of size and sector.


Download the campaign schedule


Prepare for Brexit: Key Messages for Businesses in Scotland

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